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Musical Monday – The Japanese visual kei rock band edition

Ready for something different? It’s flamboyant, it’s colourful and it’s over the top! ENJOY!

Something for a Friday afternoon … In der Palästra, by Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows

From the album, Les Fleurs du Mal – Die Blumen des Bösen

Music for a Sunday – Bathory’s The Woodwoman

Sunday afternoon – a week of running lies ahead and I’m going to need a new playlist for my iPod. My current masterlist lists 11536 songs – this song keeps on popping up, time and time again. Might as well share it – enjoy!

Musical Monday – Symphony Of The Night by Leaves’ Eyes

Musical Monday – A Lifetime of Adventure by Tuomas Holopainen

Thursday’s Treasure Trove: Deine Lakaien

From Crystal Palace, 2014.

Musical Monday – Seeming: The Burial

Spidey’s Amusing Consequences weekend theme

I did my best with Spidey’s Amusing Consequences weekend theme, but alas, my writing hand and my brain can’t seem to agree on anything. So herewith a video I like very much…have fun with…

If the video doesn’t load, please click here.

Sunday tune – Helloween’s Mrs God

Please click here if the song doesn’t play…

Oh, the inconsistency of it…

Okay. So I’m high on cold medicine, again – what started as sinusitis developed into double feature: sinusitis and a cold – ah, the joys of a swollen head, a runny nose and a sore body! The best of all: I got it for free – it cost me nothing, niks, nada – except for the medicine, that I had to get myself. Bummer. This time it’s none of the let’s-visit-the-pink-elephant-stuff, we’re talking busy, busy bumble bees here. If I had the paint I’d do the stripes to complete the ensemble but alas, no paint – no stripes – no embarrassment, phew. Correct, the prescribed dose has left me buzzing, as it often does, despite following the dosage directions to the t…

I don’t get the inner workings of medicines, pills (for depression, obsession, aggression, possession, indiscretion…there’s a pill for everything nowadays), potions and leeches. On the one hand it works brilliantly to alleviate/heal/cure you. On the other you might have some (serious) side effects…dry mouth, nausea, and drowsiness – that kind of thing. Not that cold medicine is that bad (it could be a lot worse) – but it’s not what they said when you saw their ad on TV, now is it? Feeling fluey and feeling yucky – use XYZ and you’ll be better in no time! And high as a kite – that bit is probably in the small print – do you even read the enclosed info?

To add some more inconsistency to this post I’m adding Monday’s video…

Click here if it doesn’t load…

…and a quote by Oscar Wilde that has absolutely nothing in common with the rest of the post.

“Our very dress makes us grotesques. We are the zanies of sorrow. We are clowns whose hearts are broken. We are specially designed to appeal to the sense of humour. “

Note: This post was inspired by Spidey’s weekend challenge. Thinking I’m a bee had nothing to do with it, not this time, anyway.

Some more random notes: Day 5 of not getting any exercise! Can’t take much more of this! Oh, some random pictures added – just because…


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