It's another fine product from the nonsense factory.

Knorkator – Breaking the Law (Judas Priest cover)

A very interesting take on Judas Priest’s Breaking the law…Knorkator style – we want mohr?

The Gentle Storm – Endless Sea

Something to set the mood for a Friday morning – not sure if this is something I can listen to all the time but for now…let’s see how it goes!

Have a good weekend!

Vegan black metal chef

When veganism and black metal meets…definitely an interesting approach to cooking…

A trip down memory lane…Megadeth’s Duke Nukem Theme

Helloween – Nabataea

Something to get the weekend started…

Emilie Autumn: Scavenger

From the album, Fight Like A Girl (2012)

Lordi – It Snows in Hell

The Vision Bleak – The Wood Hag

Týr feat Liv Kristine – The Lay of Our Love

I like Týr and I like Liv Kristine – what’s there not to like?

This particular song is nice and relaxed, which makes it great for running! Yup, running this time of day, it’s not ideal for me but there are some expected power outages from 4pm onwards – I don’t want to be stuck in traffic when that happens!  So the plan is to run to gym, train, finish up there and catch the bus home.

Anyways…have a good one!

Not for the faint hearted:: Nekrogoblikon’s Goblins Ahoy

I was actually looking into Leatherwolf when I stumbled onto Nekrogoblikon – it’s a waste not to share it! Their first album, Goblin Island, is a hoot. It’s sooooo bad but I can’t stop listening. Love the way they Golbin-ize all the songs.

Anyway, Enjoy!

PS:: If you don’t like screechy metally music then this song is not for you!


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