Fat Cats Rule (Mouskies)



Fun Viking-y Stuff

Your Viking Name is…

Már Boneflattener

Your Viking Personality: You’re a fearsome Viking, but you aren’t completely uncivilized. The other Vikings make fun of you for that. Both your friends and your enemies think you’re a little weird. As a Viking, you’re one of the “berserkers”, and rush into battle with no clothes on. If the sight of you naked isn’t enough to disable the enemy, your sword certainly will be.

If you ever tried to make a voyage in a Viking longboat, you would die. Either from seasickness, or from your shipmates throwing you overboard into shark-infested waters. You possess some skills which other Vikings respect, though in your case their respect is tinged with fear.

People who’ve known you for a while don’t always trust your word. Other people tend to think of you as manipulative and conniving.

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It is greatly to my liking,
To be a lusty Viking;
Yes, that’s the only life for me.
Not for me just peaceful trading,
But pillaging and raiding
And a life on the rolling sea.

We’ll attack some peaceful village
Where we’ll rape and burn and pillage,
And return with wenches, gold and loot.
Though my actions are deplorable
I’m really quite adorable
For I’m just a simple Viking brute.

So come and join my party
Live a life that’s gay and hearty,
A rover’s life that’s fun and fancy free.
Enjoy a life that’s thrilling
With lots of raids and killing
Yes, it’s a Viking life for me.

Copyright – Larry Webster  

Sideview’s weekend challenge: of unhappy cats and super supper torturous melodies

Sunday afternoon … the clock is ticking and I’m no further with Sideview’s weekend challenge than I was on Friday. I’ve tried dressing up the cats and making them into meals-of-sorts. I cleaned up the blood and got rid of whatever remained – they were not amused, to say the least. Made me think of Alf (the TV series) and his habit of wanting to eat the cat – I’m sure that cat was just as unimpressed as mine were. It’s probably the cold and being bothered again – well, that’s what my monsters were on about, I think.

Thinking back to Alf and his cat-antics made me recall some primary school days – our music teacher thought that it would be a hoot if Alf sang the Super Supper March as he was trying to eat the cat. Now if that song doesn’t scream food, nothing will. For those of you not sure how it goes, here’s a reminder:


Hungry, hungry I am hungry
Table, table here I come
I could eat a goose-moose burger
Fifteen pickles and a purple plum

I could eat three bowls of goulash
Half a pound of wuzzled wheat
I could eat a peck of poobers
Then I’d really get to work and eat

Oysters, noodles, strawberry stroodles
French fries, fish hash, one red beet
Lamb chops, wham chops
Huckleberry mish mash
Oh, the things that I could eat

Doughnuts, dump-a-lings
Blueberry bump-a-lings
Chocolate mush-mash, super sweet
Clam stew, ham stew, 
Water melon wush wush
Oh, the stuff that I could eat

Deep dish rhubarb, upside-down cake
I could eat a frittered flum
Hungry, hungry, I am starving
Table, table, here I come

If you are feeling really brave, look it up on
YouTube. I’d post it myself but then I might be humming that infernal song for the rest of the afternoon.

Poetic Justice

I love it when rude drivers try to overtake you and when they do they speed off and get caught on camera. Makes my day every time it happens. (Sometimes these same rude drivers skip pedestrian crossings – wish they’d get nabbed for that, too).