Fat Cats Rule (Mouskies)



14 thoughts on “Fat Cats Rule (Mouskies)

  1. *sigh* Try this comment again …
    From the top pic expressions, you didn’t get permission, sealed with pawprint, to take the photo. You may lose your petting privileges and be denied purrs for a while in protest.

    • As if I’m not in enough trouble – other than working from home at present I am not here so they’re not getting tt the attention they demand. They’re going to take me out soon and have me, er, seen to – Mouskey style!

      • It would be unwise to offend them. From the looks, they would be far better kept good-tempered! Such minor considerations as the work being produced from home should have proper priority way down the list.

      • Oh yes, they never forget! Then they short-circuit and bite you. Awe, got to love them, hey! I think they’ll keep me.

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