25 thoughts on “Sideview’s weekend theme: A Grand Entrance

    • Takes me back to social work 101: how does that make you feel: mad, glad, bad or sad? it’s rad man, not just a fad? *ouch that REALLY hurts*

      • we like not being in touch with anything, don’t we mister sock puppet? why yes marco, now let’s roll the cat up in the mat and tickle her ears. *cat eyes me – not an impressed look – claws coming out – it hurts to be stupid?*

      • Sssssh, not too loud – can’t have her taken away, again! You know how hard it is to find good company these days? There there, it’s okay – no one is coming to take you away ..

      • hehe, there was a song THey are coming to take you away hee haa, and the flip side played it backwards, in case you were one of ‘those’

      • I love that song! I have the cover version by Neurotic Fish, the original is by Napoleon XIV, I think it was was? Tell you what, when I have some time I’ll hunt it down and post it for you.

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