Stuck inside, or, No running makes me crazy-like

Everyone has gone their way I am left alone at home with my satanic overlords. It’s my running hour now – I should be out there making the best of the fresh air (and the darkness) – pounding the pavements and stomping on the beach (in puddles, too), enjoying the discord my I-pod sows (the louder and faster the music, the better. I prepared quite a line-up for today – it will have to wait for another day then, damn.) Unfortunately for me I have to be content today with sitting by the window, watching THEM out there, having a good time. It’s one of those days where my work won’t do itself and my usual plan of action won’t cut it. The extra time though, means I can shave. Bye, bye red beard, hello clean look. The only problem will be fighting the overlords for the basin – they do so love a running tap. Wonder if they would mind if I decorated them with some shaved patterns.

On the bright side, being Mandela-day, are you doing anything to make a difference?


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