Stupid People, Part I

– Council spent an absolute fortune building and upgrading pavements for you to walk on. But no, oh no…you still have to walk in the middle of the road!

– Unlike everybody else around you, you don’t cross the road at the pedestrian crossing. You have to cross about 10 meters before it.

– You are standing next to a bin. Why do you dump your rubbish next to it and not into it?

*sigh* Hey you WTF is wrong with you?



8 thoughts on “Stupid People, Part I

  1. I believe in Nuts and Bolts for you 😉

    Some people don’t seem to want to live in ways that make social interaction smoother, do they. Make a mess, blame the council for the dirt, cross away from the spot, cause an accident and blame the driver. grrrr

    • I think we should set them on fire and then run them down! As you saw, this is part 1. I have this thing about stupid people – especially the ones I come across when I’m out there running! Watch this space!

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