Running + Sunshine = BAD idea

Thanks to a nasty workload, brought on a cheeky-harakiri-committing-computer, I had to postpone my early morning run to a late afternoon one. All that did was re-affirm my belief that day time running is bad for you and you’d do much better having a nap with a pet crocodile.

To start off with, the sun – that glowing, blinding orb that causes glare – which is, quite frankly, distracting and blinding (so pretty, let’s run towards it!). And as the layers of clothing come off the sun reflects off skin and causes even more blindness. I don’t need to wear reflective clothing when it’s dark – I’m so pale strips of skin reflect light superbly. Now try this reflecting-light-thing during the day? We’ll have a twenty car pile up. Ah, there is also the matter of sunlight and moisture causing rust. On the plus side – you can see where you are going. It prevents some pretty obvious injuries, but where’s the fun in that. Have you ever tried trail running after dark? It can really hurt but it’s great fun: it’s no longer about how long it takes, but rather – how undamaged are you afterwards.

Then there are the people…like summer flies, scads of them. People, their kids and pets…everywhere! When I run at my normal time, there aren’t many around, only kindred spirits who share my insanity. Bring on the day-time-crowd and you have nothing but trouble. Fluffy thinks you’re an entree, people refuse to let you pass and the ever dreadful reality, many people are rude and unfriendly, which really gets my goat up. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate people. I do, however, prefer to have as little to do with them as is possible.  Mostly I don’t understand them – I think the feeling is mutual.

I wish I could say never again but let’s face it, if you’ve got to run, you’ve got to run, come moonshine, sunlight, wind or rain. Alternatively I could go to gym or cycle. I think I’ll be quiet now and, well, do whatever it is I do 🙂


12 thoughts on “Running + Sunshine = BAD idea

  1. Hope you feel better now that’s off your chest, Marco. 🙂 My hubby finds exactly the same problems. You didn’t mention the thoughtless pet owners who don’t clear up their animals’ poop. 😦

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