A new friend

I made a new friend this weekend, not your conventional kind, but hey, who’s keeping tabs? I was showering when something smacked against me. It was like, “Huh, what the…?” It was a teeny tiny little bug – I think she might have been confused or something, so I popped it on the window sill – first time I went around to see how she’s doing she jumped at me and so it’s been going. It’s quite sweet actually

I admit, I’m not a bug person and had it come at a different time it might have been curtains for it, because it’s a cockroach. But these days, luckily, I like all living things big and small. I might not want to share my house, for instance, but that doesn’t mean it has to die. Pop it outside and let it live. That way the bug family can’t get annoyed with you for massacring their kith and kin and so you get to live another day! Let’s face is, being eaten alive by bugs is about the same as being knocked over by an ice cream truck – it’s just not on.

As I am finishing this post I know it’s time to brush my teeth before I head out to pound the pavements – the little buggy one will be there at the basin, winking and waving at me. Unless the cat got to it of course, which would be a great pity – but so it goes, eh?

Harvey looks something like that. I found out it’s actually a girlie cockroach – manly cape mountain cockroaches have wings, girly ones don’t and they give live birth. Might have to build her a nest?


36 thoughts on “A new friend

    • Hehe how does that make them feel? Although their high pitched nasal bzt can be a bit much at the best of time. Light a coil or 2, maybe some citronella oil and you’re good to go?

  1. Give me any other kind of bug, but no cockroaches! I don’t mind spiders or harmless other critters, but the other things that give me the creeps are worms. The earthworm variety. It makes me shiver just to think of them… ! You are much more kind than I would be!! 🙂

    • Worms? Really? But they’re such nice little guys – the real ones though, not the sour candy variety. I am???> Shhh, the cats shouldn’t find out – if they knew they’d really take advantage *what’s that kitty – you would like me to open a fresh can of treat because yours isn’t as nice? Of course I will .. *

    • That does make a lot of financial sense – cheaper and faster to breed them – substitute them for slithers of meat (eg stirfries) or as chunks (eg bacon bits). Apparently they can jump – adds to the fun. Harvina would have worked but I thought it was a boy bug when I named it. Wonder where she went though – it’s been days since I’ve last seen her *checks underside of shoe, just to make sure* Phew, all clear.

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