Salvaged pics

I ADORE this pic – I see Simki is it, except the coins would be her favourite mat in the lounge.

Pics I found – I used them on an older blog a few years back. Still find them amusing – some things will never change. I apologize for the picture overload of late – things have been rather busy maybe after the crazy weekend things can resume to semi normal.


More random pics *sigh*

I apologize – I am busy spring cleaning. Some pics just jump out at you.


Simki (where does she get that from? Hmmm)

My old office

Cupcake (I got a cat in the bag)

Feeding frenzy at the cat farm

Avenue House, Mowbray – supposedly haunted – ruined by a fire – now renovated an inhabited. Damn.

Last but not least, Richie, another cat in the bag.

Wednesday, or, Meet some more of my family

Had to make my way to Mowbray today to get some work done. These are the cats from where I used to work. Almost a year later and I still support them – food, vet bills, that kind of thing. I wish I could spend some more time with them, though.

CJ and her black nose.

Nilly on the prowl.

The Queen Supreme, Cupcake

Nilly (up to no good), Ferret and Cupcake (I’m still not talking to YOU!)

The weather wasn’t very good – I miss running on the mountain though. I used to go 4-5 times a week. Muggings, snakes, funny people, rabbits – those were the days.

Below: I had to collect my post at the Waterfront on my way home. I lost my parking ticket, again! This time they let me off with a R10 fine on top of the R10 parking fee. It beats having to pay R110 for a lost ticket.

Above: at the waterfront looking towards my side part of the world…that hill in the background is Blouberg (Blue Mountain). I’ll save the history lesson for another day.

Random pictures for Tuesday

Today, whilst digging up a part of my garden (I have to hide the bodies somewhere) I discovered that a worm family has been feasting on my green bushy plant thingy. I don’t like to kill things so I took the furry guys and jumped over the wall into my neighbour’s garden. They have been successfully relocated, along with a family of slugs. The neighbour hasn’t ever done anything to make his garden look nice so why not stash the critters there? Can you see the holes in the foliage?

On the bright side, my aunt sent me a consignment of beet root, fresh from someone’s garden. The first batch has been steamed and is ready to eat.

The container rests on my granite kitchen counter. But not ordinary granite, hell no! Some bright spark developer bought the stock from a supplier who went bankrupt. The supplier supplied exclusively to funeral homes. You figure it out.

The cats love the counter on hot summery days. But today Simki settled for my pillow. Even if I wanted to have a nap, I couldn’t possibly roll her off the pillow. (She knows where I live and when I go to sleep – it would be quite easy to slip in and finish me off.)

Some of the books I am trying to make my way through. The only problem is, I keep on adding new ones faster than I can read them. I still have a couple of minutes before I have to get ready for physio, so if anyone is looking for me, I’ll be trying to catch up with my reading.


A Namibian Farm, or, While I am moving…

I’ve been kept busy (and out of trouble) with moving, dead lines/lions, squashing the kitty rebellion (this is now OUR house – YOU get out of here), behind schedule workers and stuff. In the mean time, I’ll save you the hassle of watching yet other creepy songs and revert to some more pictures of Namibia.

Let’s start off with some warthogs for catbird – they were, literally, saved from the pot by a farm friend of mine. His workers caught them and wanted to make them into something nice. Almost a year later the are quite a handful – they are going to be set free soon, if they haven’t already been.

Zebbie the satanic Zebra. He really like to bite people. Another saved-jobbie. When he’s old enough he’s going as well. No, not to become a rug in some macabre setting – going back into the wild to do whatever satanic zebras do when they are back in the wild.

Some kitties for sideview – Eva (below) is 24 years old this year. She might look old and frail but she is still one nasty piece of work. I apologize, the picture is a bit dark and she’s a black cat.

Some bushmen art – worth the trek – this time I got stung by only 4 bees.

Some cows – did you know some people are actually scared of cows. Someone in our group was – it was hilarious!

Some random bush-scapes…

Last but not least – THEY are watching you…

Working the treadmill

I was delighted to see that at long last someone has decided to make use of the treadmill in the lounge! Standing where it does it gets a lot of morning and afternoon sun – it’s great for towels. I don’t think anyone really uses it, other than for sunning purposes, of course.

Since I started doing my own thing work-wise I can’t say that I’ve allocated an office space for myself. At the moment I like the dining room table, much to the family’s dismay (the kitchen counter works just as well). Oh look – magazines (research?), running stuff (stress relief?) and is that my hair clippers? I was looking for that – I’ve got to shave my beard and I don’t exactly trust razor blades. I’ve got to make the best of my current environment – from Wednesday on its back to normality after a month on isolated bliss!

What does your office space look like?