Cape Town’s wintry Blouberg

Not the best weather for Cape Town Today.

The view from my room

The beachfront area seen from the beach

Table Mountain today

Drut, making himself at home. He’s one of my many on-the-side-mouskies.


24 thoughts on “Cape Town’s wintry Blouberg

    • Thank you! And for a change! Usually if it pours its out your way. But no more rain since this morning, just lots of dark clouds and strong gusts of wind. Oh and lots of white sand. I don’t like the sand much – gets in everywhere. Bye bye pretty dunes.

    • Thanks for popping in. Hmmm, I was actually hoping to go for a run but I don’t think that’s going to work. But which cat, that’s the hard part – too many cats too little time. Are the winters in Omar quite mild?

    • The wind is the worst, I think – and the notion that the roof is going to blow away any second now. Where did I leave that staple gun? Hmmm…

    • Really? I thought it was getting a bit warmer up there? Still dark now but who knows what today holds in store. I actually want to tackle the garden – primarily because it will be very muddy and so easy to clear up. But please, no more northern wind – really felt like the roof was going to blow away last night.

      • I recently moved up from the South Coast of Natal to Pretoria, so to me it’s freezing just not used to the cold… and when it snows then I don’t want to get out of bed… the days are pleasent now but as the sun sinks the cold creeps in…

      • Ah okay. Is anyone used to the cold? I was watching a program on Iceland the other day, their WARM summer days range from 5-13 degrees. Imagine that!

      • No way they can keep it… I phoned a friend in Southbroom.. he said they were having a cold day… all of 13 degrees minimum… you can imagine what I had to say to him…

    • Thanks for the visit! Luckily it’s a bit warmer today! Drut is, the little masked villain. He likes to hide under tables and chair and when you go pass him he bites your ankles.

  1. Stunning photos but I can feel the cold from here. Well, actually, you guys have a tendency to send your cold up here rather frequently. Maybe, next time, you could just keep it there with you – please. By the way, you poor thing, having to live with a view like that from your window – it really is a shame!

    • Oh right, we do – not very nice of us, hey? The view is great, yes – the window cleaning isn’t! BTW the kitty in this post, that’s the cat flap kitty 🙂

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