The Cat Flap, or, The Tail of the Mobile Cat (keeps on getting stuck)

I’ve decided that it’s time to get rid of the cat’s personal doorman and introduce a cat flap (Cat flap, this is Drut; Drut, this is the cat flap – your new best friend. It’ll make sure you can come and go as you please – it sounds super, right?) Okay, so winter is not the best time to try and do this but it could be worse. Installing it was easy; getting kitty to use it is another story. Not too long ago, when he lived with his other family, he had a cat flap and eventually he got the hang of it. Unfortunately for him they had to move away and he had to move into a new home, eagerly awaiting his paperwork for his new life. Now it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere – but that’s okay, we like him – bad tempered or not. (He can gnaw off my hand any day!)

At the moment is hiding on top of the fridge – he’s not a keen student. I think he prefers the bed – on days like this, who can blame him? Yesterday we made some progress – he is finding his way out now (and his tail keeps on getting stuck) but when he’s ready to come back in he heads for the front door. I think he’d like to see me go in and out of that door but let’s face it, my ass is too wide. And when I can’t move he’s bite me – no doubt about it.

Will have to tweak the flap today – sometimes it gets stuck and we can’t have the cat locked out or trying to bash down the door when he eventually gets the hang of it. Hey, it wasn’t me – my workmanship is top notch. I think the fact that it was mass produced in China says something about it? Luckily it has a locking mechanism that works really well, but let’s not go into that.

Some useless information for you: The cat flap was allegedly “invented” by Isaac Newton. His cat kept on wanting to come and go while he was working. So he made a hole in the door – saved him the hassle of playing the doorman. When she had kittens he made a smaller hole for them as well. I’m not going to say it.


21 thoughts on “The Cat Flap, or, The Tail of the Mobile Cat (keeps on getting stuck)

  1. Hahahaha I know the CT cat also has a door and at one stage a collar with a thing so that only he could open said door because there was a big black cat who came in to eat his food. I don’t know what happened to this contraption I don’t think it is in working order anymore
    Did not know Einstein invented the cat door , never thought of him as doing chores around the house

  2. we have the dog flap and the only way to get our doggies to use it properly was by standing on each side with treats and encouaging them to jump backwards and forwards. Very entertaining for us, and I’m sure the doggies played along for ages to ensure they have plenty of treats 🙂 somehow I don’t think cats are going to be quite so amiable to this tactic!

    • That sounds so cute! We’re trying the food by the flap idea, hope it works. Whenever THE MASTER “knocks” at the front door I pick him up (and he hates it!) and take him to the back. The whining must be something like what the heck, why are you taking me to the back when the front door works just as well?

  3. Ooooh the collar thing sounds a bit techno to me, good thing it’s not around – maybe that is how the kitty at the bottom lit up, LOL.

    Yes you never quite think of those clever people doing things around the house – but how true it is is anyone’s guess?

  4. Oh that picture of the kittens is just too cute for words. Good for you, allowing you cat to attack you at will. Hope you still have all your digits! Sounds like he’d quite like you to try the cat flap, get stuck and then he’d have free reign on your behind. Go on, after all, it’s for the good of kitties! Please send photos.

    • Pics of the cat, me being mauled by the cat or I’m-stuck-in-the-flap-and-getting-mauled, LOL. It’s so cute when he gets angry and wants to rip you to shreds – makes you want to tickle his furry tummy.

  5. Cat flaps are a great invention as a solution to cat wisdom: “A cat’s worst enemy is a closed door.” I hope you managed to get him trained to use it and didn’t lose your hand in the process!

  6. We don’t have cats but two dogs and would need a very big flap for the boxer. Too much of a security risk in SA though so I remain at their bark and call 😉

  7. Hahaha! I’m can so relate! I’m not the Doorman, but rather Windowlady. Yup, my Girlfield insists on exiting through my bedroom window … at all odds hours of the night, and because she’s so overweight, I have to assist her getting up and squeezing her through the burglar bars. She then waits at the front door for re-entry.

  8. Great story and pics. My son made a cat flap at his flat by removing a small window at the bottom. he now has 4 cats eating the food that he puts out for his cat. If I leave a window open, his cat comes to me to be fed because of all the free-loaders.

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