Weekend Theme: “The recipe…”

For sideview’s weekend theme

The recipe for success, when it comes to making money from the hospitality industry, is:

A suitable venue:

Dedicated management…

…that will inspire the staff.

Clean, cosy rooms definitely help…

…and maybe a kitty – for good luck.

And most importantly, you will need lots of paying guests who are dying to stay with you.

If you really want your venture to succeed, be careful of friends and family who want to over stay their welcome – maybe they can visit when there is nobody else around?

This post was inspired by an overactive imagination and a need to put these pictures into something useful.

Have a great weekend!


28 thoughts on “Weekend Theme: “The recipe…”

  1. Now this is what I like… a blog that says it all… I’ve got so many photos that just don’t fit and now I must see if I can’t put them together in this manner… and have a good laugh.. thank you…

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