Hometown, or, My heart longs for the desert

It’s another cold, wet day in Cape Town. Thinking happy thoughts – I miss the Namib Desert.

Have a great week everyone.


32 thoughts on “Hometown, or, My heart longs for the desert

    • Hey Bulldog, it’s Swakopmund you you guessed it, on the Namibian coast. I’m the man from Nam and my folks still live there. They’ve retired in Swakop now, luckily people. I LOVE that desert – wish people would look after it though.

      • How I have that top of my wish list of places to return to… I went there many years ago, dropped in on the way to Tsumeb by plane. Nearly took a job there as head of Survey with Rio Tinto, and now as soon as possible I want to spend at least a month there… My son and a friend of mine have both been there for a holiday and they both say “You have to go” and that I intend to do, soon… and from those photos, now it’s becoming urgent…

      • You won’t regret it but the question is, is a month long enough? Some family of mine spent some weeks 4x4ing all over the country earlier this year and loved it – they came back looking 10 years younger and so relaxed! it must the water and the fresh air.

      • Well we started with a plan of 4 weeks until my son started with the you gotta see this you gotta see that and we realised that a longer period or a follow up trip might be required… but the plan is to go with him and his wife and they are going for four weeks…

    • True hey – I can’t get rid of the moss in my garden, not enough warmth or sun! Before you know it its going to take over the world, well, the block for the start.

    • Hmmm, good question. The coast line is desert, the south is very dry as well. The north is lush, the central bits and to the east is savannah type vegetation – but the more east you go the nicer it gets. Its a lovely place to be in, I really do miss it but let’s face it, I’m a lot happier here in South Africa.

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