Working the treadmill

I was delighted to see that at long last someone has decided to make use of the treadmill in the lounge! Standing where it does it gets a lot of morning and afternoon sun – it’s great for towels. I don’t think anyone really uses it, other than for sunning purposes, of course.

Since I started doing my own thing work-wise I can’t say that I’ve allocated an office space for myself. At the moment I like the dining room table, much to the family’s dismay (the kitchen counter works just as well). Oh look – magazines (research?), running stuff (stress relief?) and is that my hair clippers? I was looking for that – I’ve got to shave my beard and I don’t exactly trust razor blades. I’ve got to make the best of my current environment – from Wednesday on its back to normality after a month on isolated bliss!

What does your office space look like?


24 thoughts on “Working the treadmill

  1. It’s funny how bookcases and office spaces tell a lot about a person. What is your work? And what is that strange interwoven colorful thing on the table? It’s good to make use of the dining room table, as most people don’t use theirs in normal day-to-day life. May as well use it for an office. Hope your cat gets a good workout on that treadmill!

    • Oh yes! You should see what my garage looks like, books books books but let’s not go there or I might get overexcited and I’ll probably end up spending the rest of the day in there with all my precious friends.
      That is a Baobab tree from Madagascar – it was meant to go somewhere else but never really moved away from the table since we brought it here 2 years ago. These people, really.
      I hope so too – the little naughty. On the bright side he’s doing very well with the cat flap. Its odd how proud you feel of him when he goes in and out by himself the very first time.
      I’m involved in the hospitality industry – and before that the film industry *runs away screaming pulling my hair out*

      • Cool! Nice to know more about you! Your cat is very ambitious. That Baobob tree is cool. There is supposed to be a forest of those trees in Salalah, but when my boys and I went there last January, we drove around everywhere looking for them and never found them! Yes, don’t go near the books, you may never escape!

      • Drut is haha, my own cats, I don’t think so. For them ambitious is waking up and getting me to feed them. Am seeing them soon and I look forward to that!
        Baobab trees are awesome, I think the shampoo I’m using at the moment is infused with its essential oils to make your hair shine or something – makes it smell very nice. Would love to see a forest of them. Must find my Zimbabwe/Botswana pics and scan them – lots of those trees there. Also lost in the garage somewhere. Oops

      • Ohhh, must get the baobab shampoo!! Yes, they say you are the master of a dog, but a cat is the master of you! We’re all waiting till you find and scan those pictures!

      • Oooh the pressure is on – how about some lovely warthog pics – I know they are on the laptop – or some nice Namibian bush ones? Maybe pictures of my many many many many cats I am seeing on the side?

  2. Depends what you call my office. There’s the middle sitting room( a room on the third floor which doubles as sleepover room for kiddies and stores the family ironing paraphernalia. Or my bedroom, where I do most of my leisure writing. But in the end, like you, the kitchen table is favourite. It’s so homely.

  3. Your kitty looks very sporty on that treadmill. 😉 My hubby also overflows onto the dining room table, even though he has his own study complete with fancy desk. I’ve given up nagging, as long as everything is cleared away before dinner time. 😀

    • Can’t you just eat around the work? He he working in isolation isn’t always for the best you know, people need people and all that jazz – no wait, that’s what Hyacinth Bucket sang in KEEPING UP APPEARANCES.
      Sporty kitty indeed zooming in and out of the cat flap like a road runner on drugs – quite a site to see. The inlaws will be very pleased.

  4. My desk is so far under junk I can’t use it. My dining room table does the job some days, in summer (when its not raining) the outside table can be IT! then I sometimes work sitting on my bed with my feet being kept warm, or the bridge table in the bedroom which can double as a desk as the bedroom is warmer than downstairs in winter. And of course , places in various offices, meeting rooms, steal a desk space etc…..

    • Pictures pictures we wants pictures table bed side there you go…and I don’t think I should rewrite that song’s lyrics just about now – I’m still trying teddy bear picnic *sigh* I need a proper psycho in my life.

  5. I don’t have my own space, everytime I find one Hubby decides to invade and “join” me there!!!!!! Currently I use either the dining table or kitchen counter, and right now the counter is a mess covered in paper, passports, shoes, clothes etc etc. 🙂

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