A Namibian Farm, or, While I am moving…

I’ve been kept busy (and out of trouble) with moving, dead lines/lions, squashing the kitty rebellion (this is now OUR house – YOU get out of here), behind schedule workers and stuff. In the mean time, I’ll save you the hassle of watching yet other creepy songs and revert to some more pictures of Namibia.

Let’s start off with some warthogs for catbird – they were, literally, saved from the pot by a farm friend of mine. His workers caught them and wanted to make them into something nice. Almost a year later the are quite a handful – they are going to be set free soon, if they haven’t already been.

Zebbie the satanic Zebra. He really like to bite people. Another saved-jobbie. When he’s old enough he’s going as well. No, not to become a rug in some macabre setting – going back into the wild to do whatever satanic zebras do when they are back in the wild.

Some kitties for sideview – Eva (below) is 24 years old this year. She might look old and frail but she is still one nasty piece of work. I apologize, the picture is a bit dark and she’s a black cat.

Some bushmen art – worth the trek – this time I got stung by only 4 bees.

Some cows – did you know some people are actually scared of cows. Someone in our group was – it was hilarious!

Some random bush-scapes…

Last but not least – THEY are watching you…


27 thoughts on “A Namibian Farm, or, While I am moving…

    • Or like we know them, die koring kriek. Got to love them hey and when the Cape Townians see it they’re like what’s that? Your dinner? Hehe. I’ll pass, thank you.

      • I’d categorize myself as “aware of and intrigued by”. I have barely enough time to devote to primary genres of interest (memoir, historical fiction, quirky non-fiction) that I haven’t really full investigated. 🙂

      • Its a step in the right direction then! Now I have to ask, have you read The Steampunk Trilogy by Paul Di Filippo and are you also “aware of and intrigued by” the music? Sorry I’m asking a million questions, most people dismiss SP as silly SF nonsense…weebles!

      • I haven’t read that — what musical artists should I check out? No worries — questions are how we all get to know each other. Confession time…I’ll have more time to read/listen when..um…I start back to work again in two weeks (shhhhhh….don’t tell).

  1. Hahaha at satanic zebra 🙂 Maybe he needs a few sessions of anger management. As for whatever the feck that last pic is *shudders and cringes*

    • satanic hellhounds are soooooooooo overrated when you meet satanic Zebra. True he might not eat you – but he’ll lure you in with his horsey lure and then when you least expect it *pop goes the weasel!*

  2. Thank you Marco! It was so nice of you to present me with some special warthogs! Such attractive creatures, really, and it’s so nice to know you think of me when you think of them!! 🙂 I love your bushscapes of Namibia, especially the giraffes, which are my absolute favorite animal from the wilds of Africa! Thank you for sharing…. Can’t wait to see more.

    • I keep on losing my comments – BAD laptop! Glad you liked the pics and the piggy wiggy. When I grew up we had a warthog in the house for a while – they found her on the farm stuck in a mess of wire so we took her in. She got better and grew up so fast and her tusks (as small as they are) were dangerous – sadly she became pretty unmanageable and she moved back to the farm – she had a stack of piggy wiggies since and Last I heard she was still there ruling the roost.,
      How on earth can people hunt giraffes? Those damn trophy hunters – I would love to hunt THEM, stuff them and let them adorn my walls but for some or other reason that is still illegal? Don’t quite get the double standards on that one.
      More pics? Oh dear – Have a hard drive here that crashed recently – how good are your data recovery skills? Or there is the backup/music hard drive – let me see what I can pull out of the hat today.

  3. Stunning pix!
    I can imagine people being rather startled in years to come when a wild zebra wanders up and bites them …
    Eva is amazing. Maybe her longevity is because she is living for Eva and Eva?

    • Thank you, Col. I agree, Eva is the best – as old and bony as she is, she rules the roost. The younger cats don’t stand a chance. Bwohaha – very clever Col – I was wondering what Eva had to do with possibly Eva Gabor? Right – that’s me going off on a blonde tangent, as usual!

      Good serves them right, let their dinner bite back! I heard they can bite your fingers off! Hmmm, tempting to feed stupid hands to stubborn Zebbies?

    • Good point, AP but Zebbie def. satanic – but in an adorable way of course, nothing like blood altars and that stuff, too ceremonial and such a waste of time, lol. As for Eva, she’s such a sweetie pie. I forgot to post pics of the other cats though, must see what I have an add it.

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