Random pictures for Tuesday

Today, whilst digging up a part of my garden (I have to hide the bodies somewhere) I discovered that a worm family has been feasting on my green bushy plant thingy. I don’t like to kill things so I took the furry guys and jumped over the wall into my neighbour’s garden. They have been successfully relocated, along with a family of slugs. The neighbour hasn’t ever done anything to make his garden look nice so why not stash the critters there? Can you see the holes in the foliage?

On the bright side, my aunt sent me a consignment of beet root, fresh from someone’s garden. The first batch has been steamed and is ready to eat.

The container rests on my granite kitchen counter. But not ordinary granite, hell no! Some bright spark developer bought the stock from a supplier who went bankrupt. The supplier supplied exclusively to funeral homes. You figure it out.

The cats love the counter on hot summery days. But today Simki settled for my pillow. Even if I wanted to have a nap, I couldn’t possibly roll her off the pillow. (She knows where I live and when I go to sleep – it would be quite easy to slip in and finish me off.)

Some of the books I am trying to make my way through. The only problem is, I keep on adding new ones faster than I can read them. I still have a couple of minutes before I have to get ready for physio, so if anyone is looking for me, I’ll be trying to catch up with my reading.



40 thoughts on “Random pictures for Tuesday

  1. WHOAH! I feel like I´ve been hypnotized looking at your background image!! Starting to feel a bit woozy 😛

    You´ve got nowhere near as many on your TBR pile as I have.

  2. Haha, I can’t believe you jumped over your neighbor’s wall and relocated those furry worms, and then you post your crime for all the world to see! The beets look delicious; will you eat them just like this or combine them with other yummy foods? Your books look interesting, but I’ve never heard of any of them. I guess you and I have totally different reading taste… By the way, I like the look of your blog with the green concentric circles. Psychedelic, man… 🙂

    • It was either the green (crop) circles or stripey blue – will try that some other time, lol.
      If my idiot neighbour is reading this and finds the lost worm colony, that’s okay. He dislikes me, I dislike him…he throws his cigarette butts into my yard, I stick them onto his windows – a skirmish here, a skirmish there – you know how it goes.
      As for books, I will read almost anything – or at least give it a try.
      I made mac & cheese for tonight before I got the beets, so it’ll be the side dish I guess with some avos (it’s avo season here). Nothing fancy but looking forward to it.

      • There’s nothing worse than irritating neighbors!! Get back at his cigarette butts with sabotage! I like to read a wide variety of stuff too, but usually character-driven literary fiction, historical fiction or travelogues. It’s good that we all have different tastes; it’s what makes the world go round. Avocados, mac and cheese and beets, some of my favorite things! Should be delicious!

      • Oh I forgot to add traditional German brotchens (like rolls/buns) to the menu. Man, we had to roll off the couch after that. For once I think I was bigger than the cat! How did your supper turn out?

      • I made the brussels sprouts and pistachios with lemon and put it on fresh tortillas. The recipe was from lattes and leggings. I think you can google her delicious food blog. Of course the traditional German brotchens would make you a fat cat. I feel the same after eating that kind of stuff!

  3. What must I do Oh Master….?? How can you commit a crime and before being arrested you admit to it on your blog… don’t you know Big Brother is watching… great post.. Bud…

    • Why thank you 🙂 I admit I’m not a very good criminal and at the same time Big Brother can lick my boots. When he’s done doing that he can dig a hole in which I’ll bury the neighbour when I’ve killed him with kindness. He sort of ignores me but every time I see him I give him heartfelt greetings and I’m such a pleasure – any day now, ha ha. Teach him to park in my bloody bay and flick used butts into my garden. Oh did I mention, I hijacked his latest chilly crop – that had him confused, ha ha ha!

  4. Phew my head is spinning like all your circles now. LOL at your relocation programme. OH relocates the frogs from our pond to our neighbours, you should hear the nighttime chorus – it is driving the neighbour mad but like yours he is an a-hole !

  5. I love fresh beetroot. Some vinegar and sugar to preserve. Yum. I love going to church fairs for the books on offer. Real bargains.

  6. I literally put “visiting” your beet photo on my list of things to do for the weekend and have finally made it here — I see what you mean. I should have mentioned earlier that the house that I grew up in was directly in front of a massive memorial garden. I’ve DEFINITELY seen a LOT of that grey/black/speckled stone. Builder’s bargain, huh? I think you should definitely “take it with you”…when that time comes (eons from now, of course!)

    • It made the list of things to do, lol? That works for me, lol – some cheering up on a Monday, eh? Oh yes, that horrible speckled stuff, you think so? Have one HUGE stone erected when I’m gone, saying something like sponsored by the cheese cakes, er, cheap skates at XYZ? LOL.

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