Wednesday, or, Meet some more of my family

Had to make my way to Mowbray today to get some work done. These are the cats from where I used to work. Almost a year later and I still support them – food, vet bills, that kind of thing. I wish I could spend some more time with them, though.

CJ and her black nose.

Nilly on the prowl.

The Queen Supreme, Cupcake

Nilly (up to no good), Ferret and Cupcake (I’m still not talking to YOU!)

The weather wasn’t very good – I miss running on the mountain though. I used to go 4-5 times a week. Muggings, snakes, funny people, rabbits – those were the days.

Below: I had to collect my post at the Waterfront on my way home. I lost my parking ticket, again! This time they let me off with a R10 fine on top of the R10 parking fee. It beats having to pay R110 for a lost ticket.

Above: at the waterfront looking towards my side part of the world…that hill in the background is Blouberg (Blue Mountain). I’ll save the history lesson for another day.


46 thoughts on “Wednesday, or, Meet some more of my family

  1. Gorgeous kittys. Love their names. Do they recognise you as their benefactor? 🙂 Your weather looks quite grim, but the photos are lovely all the same. I always make a point of putting my parking ticket straight in my wallet. It’s horrid when you get there and can’t find it, especially if there’s a queue of people behind you at the machine. 😀

    • Thanks AP – they know me quite well. I used to make sure they got fed etc even if I was off for whatever reason. I miss them a lot, especially Cupcake. Oh she knows me…when I drive past the house she runs out and waits for me, sometimes even runs up to my car. When I put my bag down she’s in it. I really miss that one – but what can I do? Yeah lousy weather – meant to be the last of the bad weather but who knows. Luckily the waterfront was pretty dead when I was there. I think my ticket fell out of my wallet when I popped into PnP? Either los kop or being angry – the kitties’ mom, if I can call her that, and I don’t quite see eye to eye, grrr.

  2. Blouberg lyk a beitjie styf… lovely photos my friend… haven’t been in CT for a good few years now… may be time to return… I’ll run with you, and then I say bring on the muggers, we’ll take ‘en down…

      • No you’re right, valid point. Mr Red, for instance, knew what I was getting up to so of course he’d hide. And when the camera was gone he was all good to go again. Damn cats – how do they manage to hold our hearts hostage the way they do?

  3. It’s nice to see more of your world, and your adopted cats! I love that picture of the mountain, even if the weather is grim! You used to run up that?? You are definitely a dedicated runner…. 🙂 And why are you not speaking to Cupcake??

    • That is Devil’s Peak, yep up and down and all around – I should do a proper Table Mountain mountain post for you at some stage. Cupcake was actually ignoring me again. She adopted me as a kitten when I still worked there, they were all strays off the street and we had them nipped and tucked. I haven’t been to see her for about 2 weeks – work and all that.

      You all settled in in Omar again?

      • Haha, I’m not sure about OmaR, but I am back in OmaN now!! lol… I got in about 1:30 a.m., and now am up at the crack of mid-morning playing around on my computer when i should be unpacking & repacking, running out to pay my bills, and getting other business taken care of.

        I’m sure you like Cupcake because she does ignore you! Isn’t it true that most men especially like females who don’t give them the time of day? Assuming she is a female that is….

        Looking forward to seeing your mountain run pictures, but since I’ll be mostly offline for the next 2 weeks, it may have to wait till Sept 14!! 🙂

      • Oh great now I have a thing about R’s and N’s as well! Maybe I should just admit to being dyslexic and leave it at that? (carefully checking my spelling and stuff – that way it semi-looks like I know what I am on about.) Oh great, bills and stuff, such fun but it has to be done, hey? Yeah Cupcake is as girly as they get – would have her own handbag if she could find one, so she’ll settle for everyone else’s bags. If it’s open she’s in. So cute.

    • Well spotted, SC! Her ear is actually nipped to indicate that she has been fixed. She comes from a huge colony of formerly-known-as-feral and that’s the easiest way to spot the ones that are officially closed for *business* 🙂

      • Your beady eyes miss nothing, hey? In my previous post, did you note the granite background to the bowl of red beet? My tomb stone counter! Maybe I should have a nap on it and get someone to take pics…like mentioned before, what’s on the slab, lol

      • Bwohaha most people wouldn’t know it – luckily it’s pre-hacked-to-size otherwise it might be kind of creepy. Hey Marco – why does your counter say RIP Mary Jane? Er a reminder to properly shred veggies before serving them???

    • For sure and moving onward is most often for the best *thinks back to my time with the people at the old office on Wednesday* *shudder down my spine.

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