More random pics *sigh*

I apologize – I am busy spring cleaning. Some pics just jump out at you.


Simki (where does she get that from? Hmmm)

My old office

Cupcake (I got a cat in the bag)

Feeding frenzy at the cat farm

Avenue House, Mowbray – supposedly haunted – ruined by a fire – now renovated an inhabited. Damn.

Last but not least, Richie, another cat in the bag.


30 thoughts on “More random pics *sigh*

  1. You’re spring-cleaning and I’m ironing, so who’s going to make he dinner and feed the cats? 🙂 Those hungry cats are very well behaved around that food bowl. They’re all gorgeous.

    • Yeah I know now they have bloody students – and we know what THEY do to property. Re Avenue House, it was built to speculate with and sold, became a Chinese School and then became dilapidated. UCT bought it in the end as a part of its expansion policy and it cost about R6million to renovate and fix up. It was seriously damaged inside from a fire a while back. A few years back they shot a Spur TV commercial in a Haunted house – the haunted house was/is Avenue House. Useless info – but hey!

    • bout of course! busy going through spindles of disks and my hearts sinks when I come across the pictures of the cats that are no longer with us…Kat, Nilly, Marilyn, Sharon, Cleo, Twoey, Fruitcake to name a few…

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