Sunday afternoon…

Sunday afternoon, it’s cold and wet in Cape Town. As usual it’s my job to sort out dinner for us and the in-laws…we call it Columbo evening (although we are now busy watching The Saint) . For a very long time the in-laws disliked me. One Sunday night Columbo was on TV and we were invited to watch it with them. It freaked me out actually, what were they up to.  I offered to get the food together and it’s been the thing ever since. Either my cooking did the trick (maybe the like vegetarian fare?) or they finally caught on that I am not as bad as I appear to be. Not sure what tonight’s menu is going to be…but as usual, it’s going to be very last minute.

On the bright side, I got to read a lot today and found some delightful organic/harmful chemical free laundry detergent and fabric softener. Got to run and go to gym. The run was with other people, which I don’t really like. But because I have moments of being evil it was keep up with me or fall behind (as opposed to me falling in with their regime – they did, after all, decide to impose on me.)

I guess it’s time to raid the cupboards and see what dinner will be…at this stage any easy, last minute recipe suggestions would be appreciated 🙂 If not for today there is always next time.


Invasion: the next wave

The latest batch of hairy worms arrived in my garden – invading and chomping anything green in their path. Hold back kitties, you might be next!

They roll up into neat little balls that make catapulting them into the neighbour’s garden so much easier.

Note: no worms were harmed in the process. I gather them, jump over the wall, drop them off and jump back. All of this in the blink of an eye.

The cats are not amused by this. “Stop doing that, serf, and top up our food bowls with something edible!”


Right, okay – so they’ve done the dirty and apparently my kitchen is fixed. Notice anything wrong?

Yup, you guessed it, the doors aren’t on properly and the insides need some more work, too. This is what you get when you make use of the Insurance Company’s approved workmen (I wonder what you have to do in order to qualify as a recommended workman?). Other than that I guess it’s not too bad. I managed to find tiles that were similar enough – why complicate things (altough the ones on the wall were not the ones I ordered)? When I mentioned mosaics to the guys they blanked out. Right, let’s not confuse them or they might suspend the tap from the ceiling and the counter.

If you read my earlier post that mentioned the tombstone counter – well spotted – this is not THE ONE. I don’t actually live in this apartmentas the cats need a garden – something about not wanting to be penthouse pets? Never quite sure what they are on about.

So before I head off to do whatever it is I do… It’s such a lovely day; even the cats are taking advantage of the summery weather.

Friday’s Furry Felines…

Before: I don’t like Cape Union Mart…

Afterwards we hide is shame…he’ll never find me here…

Before: No way in hell are you going to gym now…must sleep, must sleep…zzz…

After: Yeah okay…the couch works just as well…

Have a great weekend, everyone!