Musical Monday: Losing My Mind by Liza Minnelli / Pet Shop Boys (1989)

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22 thoughts on “Musical Monday: Losing My Mind by Liza Minnelli / Pet Shop Boys (1989)

    • Hehe, true hey…pop vs Minnelli. I was quite excited when I heard that she was to play Norma in the Sunset Boulevard remake – but was has happened to THAT project? I think she could do creepy maniac rather well, don’t you?

      • If you could be the leading (teddy-bear lurving) lady in a classic film, which would it be? No, Barney the Dinosaur doesn’t count, even if it means you can end his miserable life once and for all! I love you you love me, aaaarrrrggggh! Me and my big von-trap!

      • Ummm … that´s a good question, and one I find almost impossible to answer. I don´t think I tend to fit the mould of most classic film leading ladies, nor do I necessarily want to. I see myself more as … say…. Batman! 😉

        How about you?

      • Batman? I like that – everyday you can have a different Robin? Eish that is tricky – feeling like I do now, maybe a slapstick Michael Meyers or Jason?

      • THAT particular cloth has too many coffee rings on it – I would be the laughing stock of all sidekicks! Should see what I have BEFORE I get a new one, lol. *off to storage we go – my bat cave?*

      • Hahaha I almost spat my coffee across my monitor when I read “the laughing stock of all sidekicks”. It took a few moments to recover, as said coffee was inhaled into lungs after being snorted where it shouldn´t have been snorted! It´s only 6.50am – give a girl a chance.

        I´m really going to have to get my act together on this Batman gig!

      • If you want to rinse your sinuses, don’t use coffee – a simple mild salt watert solution is so much better and really irritates a lot less, lol.
        well glad you had a good start to the day then – is it ever too early for a laugh?

      • I´ll bear that in mind next time, Dr Marco!

        No, it´s never to early for a laugh, it´s just that I hadn´t got my laughing equipment quite co-ordinated at that time in the morning.

      • Have you ever had a go at laughter yoga? I know it seems bizarre but it’s such fun! Google it, you might be surprised, there might be a class lurking around a corner near you!

    • Haha yeah she does better with a band behind her, without it she seems kind of lost. And yes, I actually have 3 of her albums – don’t know why or how but there they are and every so often it’s not so bad to listen to 😀

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