7 Mind boggling wonders, or, an Education

Been a bit weighed down on this end so I’ve been missing spidey‘s weekend themes. I hope this attempt will, more or less, cover the last two:

In no particular order and ever changing, but right now:

Animals: When you have them as pets you know that it will end in tears but you let them into your life, anyway. But when something happens to them you promise yourself, never again, no more furry masters! Not long after you have another, or two or maybe even three furry overlords? The years of bliss makes up for the tragic end, no doubt. On the other hand you get people who eat them, the animals, I mean. Let’s hope the ones on their plate wasn’t someone’s pet!

Plumbing: You hardly ever think about your plumbing until something goes wrong. Then you realise just how dependent you are on it. Er, I’m talking about plumbing plumbing, like in your house, not personal plumbing – we can at some later stage if you really want to but for now I’m on about the other kind, burst pipes and leaky washers (yes I know, that can go either way).

Disasters waiting to happen: take the Seli 1, for example. 3 years ago it got “stuck” on Blouberg Beach (Cape Town, South Africa). Back then the authorities knew it was a disaster waiting to happen, with all the oil and coal on board. And yet, they did almost nothing. Part of the ship went up in smoke, the remains broke up. As I am sitting here typing this I can see the oil in the waves – black highlights in the blue water. The beach is closed off as they clean up the mess. There was a similar, if not bigger, oil spill from the same wreck/ship last year. When will they ever learn?

Stupidity: it’s always out there, waiting to pounce on you when you least expect. Where does it all come from? When will it stop?

Books: Own them, stockpile them, show them off or do what I do, read them and keep them in storage until further notice. I go to the library to get books so that I don’t have to buy them. Never mind, we can find some replacement purchases from the sale table at the entrance. At least it’s for a good cause…raise funds to buy more books for the library which I hope to take out but on my way in I end up buying more books and go home before I actually get to take anything out. And we’re all winners.

Customer service: it’s shame that some companies are still trading, especially when they deliver the service they do, especially customer service! For instance, you go for supper and the service is terrible, yet the waitress expects to get tip – despite their lack-of-effort. Don’t they get it? Be nice to the pleasant people and you’ll get rewarded. It might not work if you are a rude, gum-chewing slag that hits on all the guys.

Exercise: it can be a lot of hard work and leaves you sweaty and smelly but it sure does a lot to keep you sane and feeling better. It zaps fat AND makes you feel less guilty about indulging in those special treats. When you are used to exercising and all of sudden you have to stop/recover (for whatever reason) you get tetchy. Odd, isn’t it?


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