What’s left of my kitchen after a burst pipe

On the bright side, all the copper pipes have been replaced with quality pipes and the worst part is over, now to find tiles that will match and to get a new cupboard in there. (It was surprisingly difficult to get a water-logged, ancient cupboard out of that gap but fun, none the less.)


17 thoughts on “What’s left of my kitchen after a burst pipe

  1. Good luck with finding the tiles – that might be difficult if the size/shade/design changed over time. Do you have places locally where you can get “end of line” items?

    One house we moved into back in England, years ago, had a box of spare tiles for the kitchen and bathroom stacked in the garage, that we discovered when we first moved in. Very thoughtful!

    Hope you manage to match them.

    • Hehe thanks for MY good laugh. Hell no, the tiles are 14 years old now and the last stock we got was used ages ago! I’m thinking of getting something different, mosaics or something and introducing that as a pattern – the tiles have to be replaced all the way in the column up to the roof. Maybe just rip it all off and do a whole new look? Waiting to see what the fiends at the insurance company say. Luckily I can assure them that for the next 25 years at least the piping won’t go 🙂 *touch wood*

    • This momentary discomfort will, as all tragedies, pass, eventually. Thanks for the cheering up – every bit helps! Now say, how good are your tiling skills, lol

      • Hoover or hover? They made such a balls up, hey. Told them which tiles to get and what to do but nooooooo and I was safely tucked away working all afternoon I didn’t realise what they were getting up to. Not sure what to do now…keep it as is to raise hell. Where are the good thugs when you need them, hey?

      • Oh no! I was afraid that you were working. Bastards! I usually hover first and Hoover after. Depends who’s paying them – is it a landlord, or you? Either way, I’d raise hell — indirectly, if you can yell at the landlord instead. Probably should add some damages for mental anguish as well…..

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