Friday’s Furry Felines…

Before: I don’t like Cape Union Mart…

Afterwards we hide is shame…he’ll never find me here…

Before: No way in hell are you going to gym now…must sleep, must sleep…zzz…

After: Yeah okay…the couch works just as well…

Have a great weekend, everyone!


42 thoughts on “Friday’s Furry Felines…

    • Thank you! At this very moment she is chewing my leg! Pay attention when I am pawing you, dag nabbit. Hehe, cute until she wants more food 3am and jumps on you until you get up 🙂

    • Hell yeah! Brought a new mirror home today, Simki, the dark one, is having such fun with it. Not sure if she’s admiring herself or the “other” kitty wanting to play with her, lol.

    • Heehee, thanks. Simki loves biting things…plants, legs, labels – as long as she can sink her teeth into it she’s happy 🙂

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