Musical Monday: Black metal panda

Because I love black metal, this music video is too good not to share!

Please click here if the video doesn’t load.


12 thoughts on “Musical Monday: Black metal panda

  1. I’ll have to show the twins….one of Will’s “skins” in Minecraft is a “Professor Panda”. Black Metal Panda versus Professor Panda would make a great cage match — ha ha. Professor Panda does have a diamond ax, I believe. 😉

    • Really? I’ll have to check that out. Surprised that Professor doesn’t have a green Bamboo axe, ha ha. Kickmass Blackmetal panda – and when you win that caged round we take on the naughty client!

    • Hmmm, is that a good or a bad thing? I have WAY too many videos I want to post. Maybe if I stick to only 1 video per week I might not scare some people away with my, um, interesting choices of music?

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