Invasion: the next wave

The latest batch of hairy worms arrived in my garden – invading and chomping anything green in their path. Hold back kitties, you might be next!

They roll up into neat little balls that make catapulting them into the neighbour’s garden so much easier.

Note: no worms were harmed in the process. I gather them, jump over the wall, drop them off and jump back. All of this in the blink of an eye.

The cats are not amused by this. “Stop doing that, serf, and top up our food bowls with something edible!”


20 thoughts on “Invasion: the next wave

    • Really? The little wormy is so nice and prickly. Oh yes, the cats know the high life. The sit and us humans do the rest. If they could have their way they’d have me lug them around everywhere. I have to put my foot down though…pref not on their tales…

    • All the more reason to get them safely tucked off next door, ha ha. The ones we had in Nambia gave off this weird green ooze that made you itch…these ones just wink at you. Thanks for the link though!

    • Hehe I don’t think my rude neighbour has even noticed them. Then again, he doesn’t look after his garden – what lurks down there in the bushes, I wonder.

    • Long and hairy and in abundance! Hehe I think the cats are pretty relaxed at present, until someone knocks on the door – then they hide in and under the bed 😉

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