Spidey’s weekend theme: Those that survive

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My home cats are rescues. I got them in 2005 after being on an adoption list for a while. Some lady adopted them – for her very small child who manhandled the poor things – she was too small to appreciate the fact that kittens are not toys and they hurt quite easily. It turned out that the little girl was allergic to cats. The first thing the horrible mom did was to beat them and abandoned them in a shed at the bottom of the garden. When the animal people checked up on them after a few days they found 2 heaps of sad fur – half starved and neglected.

A very kind Norwegian lady looked after them for a bit and then they were sent to me. The adoption people didn’t think I would want abused kittens that were afraid of people. When they arrived and the carrier door opened, and these two tiny little critters slipped out – it was over! I was in love! I would have taken them in even if they were short of limbs or had bad tempers.

They were incredibly shy at first and it took many hours of hard work and patience to get them to be comfortable around us. These days they are much better and more sociable. They still steer away from most people and I prefer it like that.

As to that slapper mother who made their early life a living hell…I’d love to know who she is so that I can repay the favour in kind. Unfortunately for me the adoption people won’t tell me who she is – I guess they know what I’m capable of.



54 thoughts on “Spidey’s weekend theme: Those that survive

  1. They are beautiful cats Marco, I am allergic to cats but could never ever hurt one. My son is also allergic to cats and now lives with three of them, only the latest arrival seems to be triggering his allergy and he is hoping that his immune system will just learn to deal with it.

    • Yup there are always around barriers! I am also allergic to cats but I don’t mind medicating myself to be around their majesties, lol.

      • So I’ve heard. Maybe if I stopped sniffing their pits – that would be a great starting point, right? Luckily it doesn’t bother me at all. Speaking of which, where are the slaytanic majesties hiding, got them treats from the vet! when they’re stuffed and can’t run away I can sniff the, HUGE whaffs of kitty smells, yay!

      • They do and sleep in my arms at night. I’m just greedy and can’ty get enough 😦 maybe we should bottle the scent?

      • mine smell different at different times. that lovely “I’ve been in the sun scent” or I’m fast asleep scent 😉

      • true true – I have to do with a sick kitty today – the stress oif the renovators at the building is too much for her. she is being extremely cuddly – so very much unlike her!

      • That we did! Silly thing, she was going to be sick so you move her somewhere easier to clean, she runs back to mats and duvets and stuff. Oh well, you can never was your stuff enough 🙂 PS. Simki is much better today, biting my leg as I am sitting here.

  2. Just beautiful — they’re so lovely and so lucky to have landed in such a loving home. As others have said, above, I cannot imagine abusing ANY other living thing. SO sad and so maddening.

  3. Aww .. they’re beautiful and I’m glad they found a loving home with you. Mine were from the shelter too – I didn’t see a reason to go to a pet shop when I could give abandoned animals a home. LOL love that last shot!. 🙂

    • I agree with you – there are so many ones out there in need of a good home. I want to adopt some more but first I have to find a bigger place, hehe

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