Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Things that make me happy…in no particular order…

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37 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

    • The mountain is great if you get lost, especially in the woods around it 🙂 Helps me every time! The lighthouse is in Swakopmund, Namibia – built by the Germans – they knew how to build them.

  1. Marco!! I’m so excited to see your HAPPY gallery! First, you have so many, well, HAPPY, things here, PLUS you learned how to do the gallery! Amazing. I know how you adore your cats; I love the harbor, the beer, the dunes and the beach (well, you know me & cats…)! And, of course, Mr. Potato Head. 🙂

    • I could have done many more happy things but I don’t know where the pics are or if I have any! Having to sift through disks and hard drives isn’t my idea of fun 🙂 I’m really amazed by the galleries to be honest – much easier. Especially when you want to go ott on the pics! Thanks for the encouragement, Cathy – I appreciate it!

    • Hmmm, I never thought of it like that but it’s kind of true hey? As long as we don’t have to sing “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” *clap-clap* Oh no! Now that song is stuck in my head!

    • Thanks Ruth 🙂 I went through a phase of collecting them – when they started selling for R300+ I had to let go – such a rip off!

      • Hehe. It’s at a place to eat in Philadelphia, outside Cape Town. They had a huge whack of old rusted spades, didn’t know what to do with them so they made them into art. I think the littler wheel of the windmill actually turns. I wasn’t allowed to get a close look – something about you break it, consider it sold.

      • The thought of breaking, and therefore becoming the owner of, such an artwork is terrifying indeed.

      • Yes!! You pop it onto the wall, for instance, and hope it doesn’t fall apart – hit a guest over the head (might be an improvement, but let’s not go there). How do you maintain it? Anti-rust, oil? Probably work better FAR away from the seaside.

      • Bwohaha! Reminds me of other weird art – in the starnd there used to be this huge naked statue of a man on the beachfront – people were up in arms about it. wonder if it’s still there – see post potential there if it is, he he.

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