I found my bloody login details!!! 


20 thoughts on “Fantastic!

      • No everything is fantastic! Baby steps, get back into the groove of things 🙂 Are you good? Ready to take over the world? Are you still the Supreme Sand Queen?

      • I’m glad to hear things are fantastic with you! All is well with me. I’ve just been a little stressed trying to sell my car and getting prepared to leave Oman in 2 months and 8 days!! I won’t be the sand queen for much longer! 🙂

      • Ah so you have to make the best of the being-sand-queen while you can? Remember to rub it between your toes, and behind your ears, not to mention that gap behind your knees and your elbows.
        Wow, your time there is coming to an end. Not winning with finding a car buyer? If all else fails can you send it home or is the import taxes/getting it there too much?

      • It turns out I just sold the car yesterday, although the deal is still in progress. I’ll be happy to get back to a normal 4-season environment in Virginia. It’s only mid April and we’re already having 40 degree temperatures regularly. I’m staying inside these days, in air-conditioning, so there won’t be any more sand-rubbing for me. 🙂

      • No more sand rubbing? That’s terrible! Try rubbing up against the furniture instead? Mind the splinters though! It’s getting colder here in Cape Town, winter is on its way – dark when we get up but that’s great, I get to run in the dark and use my white legs as reflectors, ha ha!
        Yay on getting the car sold! Er if it’s sold now already – can you still use it until you go back?

      • Nope, I had to rent a car. That’s fine by me. Now I have no more attachments! Using your white legs as reflectors?? What a great idea. I wish it was getting colder, instead of hotter, here!! Lucky you. 😉

      • much better and less stressful, I agree! of course, my legs are really white – in the moonlight moths often think they are lights and buzz around them – quite weird but not lucky for them – my one cat loves a moth nibble before bedtime…I guess I’m her moth magnet? Wow, I feel soooooo used!

      • Maybe I should shave them – but the spikes might impale the moths and they hurls themselves onto my legs…don’t think that’s going to work for me

    • Yeah pref. not autosave details 🙂 too many logins and passwords – writing them down at the back of my diary – let’s not lose the diary, ha ha

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