Musical Monday

Bad man, he comin’ by Mr Cat & the Jackal

If the video doesn’t load – please click here

Note: looking back at this post – how apt! My car went in to the garage to sort out a faulty alternator, grrr. It’s almost 4pm now – they’ve spent most of the trying to get to the go ahead to do other jobs to the car – in fact, so busy bothering me that they still haven’t started the work they are supposed to do. Is this bad man going to burn down their work shop? Of course I am – and I’ll salt the ground, too! When it comes to ridding the world of evil, every bit helps a lot.


14 thoughts on “Musical Monday

  1. Wow, there is a whole world out there I’m totally disconnected from, Marco, and you’re the only one I can count on to submerge me in this world! How bizarre. But I have to say, though I’m usually not into your style of music, this one has a great beat and tune and also some good lyrics. But please, keep that “bad man” from “comin'” to visit me anytime soon. 🙂

    • Ah if only…luckily it is, thanks for asking AP. Went in for one thing, turned out it was something altogether different. Cars, go figure.

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