Friday afternoon

I feel like a song of sorts…brought on by having spent the bulk of today and yesterday seeing an old friend from 13 years back. On the one hand it’s sad how easy you loose contact…on the other hand, a couple of minutes spent with them and you remember why you haven’t been in touch! What started off as fun ended up going on and on and on…note to self, remind my parents that they are NOT to give my number to ANYONE I went to school with…EVER!

Anyway…here the’s song…

Click here if it refuses to load…

Oh, and whatever you do…have a good weekend…



11 thoughts on “Friday afternoon

  1. Stick him in the brig … (which part of him is that?).
    Well, never let it be said that you don’t give a cat’s backside …
    My verdict on Lola is that she’s overdue for it.
    Limit reunions to thirty minutes, or is that too long?

  2. In the absence of your Friday afternoon post today, I came upon this one which I missed. I bumped into an old friend at the mall the other day and couldn’t get rid of him. He followed me all the way to the car park, jabbering away, and just when I thought he’s disappeared, he popped up again next to my car. Thankfully I had to go, or my parking ticket would have expired, and I might have, too. 😆

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