Musical Monday and other stuff

Happy Monday everyone! Let’s try something different today – each link – a different video.

Surprise 1

Hardcore and very industrial, you can’t go wrong with Grendel. Not sure what happened when they were recording this song…oddly, it’s quite nice.

Surprise 2

I don’t really know Sirenia that well…but so far so good…

Surprise 3

This is Voltaire, people! Fun, dark and foot-tapping goodness at its best.

Surprise 4

Ooooooh, its Dimmu Borgir – not everyone’s cup of tea. With an orchestra and choir numbering more than 100 for this album it’s definately one of my favourites.

Surprise 5

VERY important to remember – Mortiis is not just for christmas, he’s for life!

Have a good one and remember to scream back soon.

Oh, as I am updating this post we are having a beautiful day in Cape Town. They are putting up electric fencing (to keep us in or to keep them out?) and I’m still not over my lovely moonlight run at 4am this morning…still buzzing ever so gently…


18 thoughts on “Musical Monday and other stuff

  1. I clicked on door #1 and was pleasantly surprised by Grendel – Deep Waters. Another time recently that I’ve actually liked your music selection, Marco. Surprise, indeed. 🙂

    • Hehe – glad you liked it Cathy – usually they are harsh end very electro – not sure what went wrong with that song but still – it’s haunting in a good way. Oh, I’m going to sort all the titles etc out a bit later on when I have some time – then peeps will know what they’re getting themselves into, haha!

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