by Marco

I’ve been swapping my running times around…as opposed to heading out at 6-7am I go out at about 3-4am. It’s not like I sleep through the night anyway…why haunt the house, afraid of waking everyone up, when I can be out there enjoying a world that is relatively people free! Imagine that, being able to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing without some chop trying to mow you down. No people with dogs who don’t clean up their mess…careful or you might put your foot in it…it’s a no brainer.

Running on the beach itself is spectacular…the waves coming for you…the moonlight bathing you and I can get away with just running in shorts – no-one to point and laugh at my reflective man boobs and my tummy hopping up and down and left and right. Sometimes there’s mist or fog trying to cover you, or maybe some rain (I love running in the rain!). It’s really a special time, to think or mull things over. And I repeat, at that ungodly hour it’s generally people free – except for the other diehards and you can’t help but feel a certain connection with them. Except when they sneak up from behind and scare the life out of you, not so funny…well, not until much later. Did I mention the gigantic sand crabs that come out to play (they chase you up and down the beach!).

Um…er…what was I on about?