A miserable day at the beach…

Winter is back! So much for spring. At least it is good weather for staying inside. Woohoo! I don’t have to leave the house if I don’t want to! Unfortunately I had a bloody start this morning…I think the cats were sacrificing birds again…lots of blood in the lounge. An offer to the cat gods or are they trying to make a point? Mopped up the blood and buried the rest where they can’t dig it up again.

There is no music today, I forgot to charge my I-pod and ended up running without it…I’m not used to the silence so it took some getting used to, especially not hearing drums to help set the pace. For a change I had the opportunity to take some pictures and to run straight into the sea. Not the brightest idea ever but it did the job.

I guess its time to start working…


19 thoughts on “A miserable day at the beach…

  1. How can anyone be miserable at the beach? I love the pic of the seagull with Table Mountain in the background. I remember when our daughter’s kitten, Purrdy, deposited a dead bird on the carpet underneath my grand piano without telling me. I didn’t notice it until I came to vacuum, maybe a week later. It was a gruesome sight. 8O. Don’t apologise for the lack of music. I’ll live without it. 😀

    • Thankfully not – had a bit of a German winter not too long ago and that was more than enough for me! We’re beach people down here – we don’t do well when it’s even remotely cold – well, some of us anyway 😉

  2. Even if the beach feels miserable, at least the pictures are quite dramatic. Beautiful! I’m with you on the cockroaches; in my “new” digs in China, I found a 3″ long one scrounging about in my kitchen in the middle of the night, and we had a battle with a broom until he was dead. I don’t think I’d like the bloody birds either. As far as your music, Marco, I have to say I’m with Sylvia. If you don’t get to it, it’s okay by me. 🙂

    • Are you serious – 3″ roaches? I don’t think my heart would stand that kind of thing – is that the normal size in that neck of the wood? LOL that’s fair enough, re the music 😉

      • I know, I freaked out about that roach, Marco! It was disgusting and as it was the middle of the night, I could barely sleep after that. I kept imagining cockroaches climbing into my bed. I sure as heck hope that never happens! 🙂

        Sorry we don’t have the same music taste. You and my oldest son would get along great. He likes your style of music!

      • *shudder* creepy crawly critters are best left outside where they remain unseen and don’t scare people at all!

        mind you, not ALL of my music is bad, lol

        how are your kids doing? if I remember correctly one or both of them were/are vegan?

      • Well, they’re doing fine, Marco. Thanks for asking. Although like most idealistic youth, their ideals change from time to time. Neither of them is vegan now, but they still eat very healthy food. My youngest son is into permaculture and sustainable farming. 🙂 And yes, I know, not ALL of your music is bad. Some would say none of it is bad (like my son!) It’s all just a matter of taste. 😉

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