A rude awakening…

Haarskeerder WP_20140214_006_resize

Not a good start to the morning when you run into one of these guys outside your house. I guess it’s about 12cm with legs. Please don’t blame me for not dwelling on it because quite frankly, it’s scary as hell! To think they could be nesting in my garden? One of us will have to go…


16 thoughts on “A rude awakening…

    • It’s a South African spider and according to my horrible neighbour across the road there’s a nest of them behind my house. I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry but it’s going to have to go…or I might feed horrible neighbour to them, hoping they’ll eat her and in the process keel over from food poisoning. Go to Google images and type in haarskeerder

  1. Yikes!! πŸ™„ Run for the hills, Marco. Oh wait…. there may be even more in “Them thar hills.” Best put up the shutters and sit in the house. (try saying that fast.) πŸ˜€ Love Neil Diamond, even when he sings lullabies to spiders.

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