Musical Monday: Red, by The 69 Eyes



Monday morning – the week ahead isn’t looking too bad at the moment. Enough work to keep me happy and out of trouble, but at the same time I can tackle it without having too worry too much about deadlines. What a busy lineup for the week ahead! I was hoping to get some reading done or to tackle a movie or two but I guess there is always next time, right?

It’s just gone past sunrise so time for me to hit the road before it gets too light.

Have a great week everyone!


9 thoughts on “Musical Monday: Red, by The 69 Eyes

      • Yeah, I just really liked that song “Gothic Girl”. I still do because it’s just so very catchy. It’s nice that they were so big on The Doors that they even named one of their songs “Wasting the Dawn”. Haha! Though putting some flamboyant guy to portray Jim was just too much. I’m like you with this band. Every now and then.

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