Týr feat Liv Kristine – The Lay of Our Love

I like Týr and I like Liv Kristine – what’s there not to like?

This particular song is nice and relaxed, which makes it great for running! Yup, running this time of day, it’s not ideal for me but there are some expected power outages from 4pm onwards – I don’t want to be stuck in traffic when that happens!  So the plan is to run to gym, train, finish up there and catch the bus home.

Anyways…have a good one!


6 thoughts on “Týr feat Liv Kristine – The Lay of Our Love

    • oh good – so not all the tracks are misses, well not complete misses anyway, lol. for the time being, yes! helps to know when/where the blackouts will be so that you don’t get stuck out there – especially in traffic. They reckon the drama might go on into the new year so we’ll have to wait and see. Maybe Santa will donate an extra power plant or 2 to Eskom this year? Oh wait – they haven’t been behaving themselves so the chance of that happening is not very good.

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