Mortiis – Marshland, Mental Maelstrom & Parasite God

I’ve unearthed my Mortiis CD and I’m loving it all over again – sorry, I’ve gone a bit ott on this post.


Oh, the inconsistency of it…

Okay. So I’m high on cold medicine, again – what started as sinusitis developed into double feature: sinusitis and a cold – ah, the joys of a swollen head, a runny nose and a sore body! The best of all: I got it for free – it cost me nothing, niks, nada – except for the medicine, that I had to get myself. Bummer. This time it’s none of the let’s-visit-the-pink-elephant-stuff, we’re talking busy, busy bumble bees here. If I had the paint I’d do the stripes to complete the ensemble but alas, no paint – no stripes – no embarrassment, phew. Correct, the prescribed dose has left me buzzing, as it often does, despite following the dosage directions to the t…

I don’t get the inner workings of medicines, pills (for depression, obsession, aggression, possession, indiscretion…there’s a pill for everything nowadays), potions and leeches. On the one hand it works brilliantly to alleviate/heal/cure you. On the other you might have some (serious) side effects…dry mouth, nausea, and drowsiness – that kind of thing. Not that cold medicine is that bad (it could be a lot worse) – but it’s not what they said when you saw their ad on TV, now is it? Feeling fluey and feeling yucky – use XYZ and you’ll be better in no time! And high as a kite – that bit is probably in the small print – do you even read the enclosed info?

To add some more inconsistency to this post I’m adding Monday’s video…

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…and a quote by Oscar Wilde that has absolutely nothing in common with the rest of the post.

“Our very dress makes us grotesques. We are the zanies of sorrow. We are clowns whose hearts are broken. We are specially designed to appeal to the sense of humour. ”

Note: This post was inspired by Spidey’s weekend challenge. Thinking I’m a bee had nothing to do with it, not this time, anyway.

Some more random notes: Day 5 of not getting any exercise! Can’t take much more of this! Oh, some random pictures added – just because…

Yay – the weekend is here!

It’s that time of the day – no, of the week – the worst is over and we’re on the brink of the weekend. I’m waiting, patiently, for my better half to arrive so that we can go to gym and I can wake up, at last! Yes, it’s been one of those weeks! Someone sent me this picture today – I’d like to share it…and then following that, well, you figure it out.

Other than gym, running, napping and lots of reading I don’t have any real plans for the weekend. I have decided, though, to bake try and bake a loaf of bread because I’m a sucker for homemade bread especially when it comes out of the oven – with butter and maybe a serving of soup, hmmm. I was scouring the aisles at the supermarket when 2 older ladies took me under their wing and helped me get all the right stuff – things I’d need apart from the recipe (fail-proof whole wheat bread, yay!) While I’m comfortable in the kitchen baking has never been my thing and this I hope to change.

Anyway, have a lovely weekend anyone and as always, let’s end with a song!

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I’ve been swapping my running times around…as opposed to heading out at 6-7am I go out at about 3-4am. It’s not like I sleep through the night anyway…why haunt the house, afraid of waking everyone up, when I can be out there enjoying a world that is relatively people free! Imagine that, being able to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing without some chop trying to mow you down. No people with dogs who don’t clean up their mess…careful or you might put your foot in it…it’s a no brainer.

Running on the beach itself is spectacular…the waves coming for you…the moonlight bathing you and I can get away with just running in shorts – no-one to point and laugh at my reflective man boobs and my tummy hopping up and down and left and right. Sometimes there’s mist or fog trying to cover you, or maybe some rain (I love running in the rain!). It’s really a special time, to think or mull things over. And I repeat, at that ungodly hour it’s generally people free – except for the other diehards and you can’t help but feel a certain connection with them. Except when they sneak up from behind and scare the life out of you, not so funny…well, not until much later. Did I mention the gigantic sand crabs that come out to play (they chase you up and down the beach!).

Um…er…what was I on about?

Lazy Friday afternoon

Lets all just chill in the water…

The Pig, by Roald Dahl

In England once there lived a big
A wonderfully clever pig.
To everybody it was plain
That Piggy had a massive brain.
He worked out sums inside his head,
There was no book he hadn’t read.
He knew what made an airplane fly,
He knew how engines worked and why.
He knew all this, but in the end
One question drove him round the bend:
He simply couldn’t puzzle out
What LIFE was really all about.

What was the reason for his birth?
Why was he placed upon this earth?
His giant brain went round and round.
Alas, no answer could be found.
Till suddenly one wondrous night.
All in a flash he saw the light.
He jumped up like a ballet dancer
And yelled, “By gum, I’ve got the answer!”
“They want my bacon slice by slice
“To sell at a tremendous price!
“They want my tender juicy chops
“To put in all the butcher’s shops!
“They want my pork to make a roast
“And that’s the part’ll cost the most!
“They want my sausages in strings!
“They even want my chitterlings!
“The butcher’s shop! The carving knife!
“That is the reason for my life!”

Such thoughts as these are not designed
To give a pig great peace of mind.
Next morning, in comes Farmer Bland,
A pail of pigswill in his hand,
And piggy with a mighty roar,
Bashes the farmer to the floor…
Now comes the rather grizzly bit
So let’s not make too much of it,
Except that you must understand
That Piggy did eat Farmer Bland,
He ate him up from head to toe,
Chewing the pieces nice and slow.
It took an hour to reach the feet,
Because there was so much to eat,
And when he finished, Pig, of course,
Felt absolutely no remorse.

Slowly he scratched his brainy head
And with a little smile he said,
“I had a fairly powerful hunch
“That he might have me for his lunch.
“And so, because I feared the worst,
“I thought I’d better eat him first.”