Musical Monday – Sopor Aeternus’ A Little Bar of Soap

Sjoe I nearly missed this post – better late than never, right? Things are a bit hairy on this side – hoping to say I’ll be back soon. In the mean time, something different music-wise.

Am I losing it? Possibly – but it can’t be said that this song isn’t happy – well, sort off…

Have a good week, everyone 🙂

Musical Monday: Red, by The 69 Eyes



Monday morning – the week ahead isn’t looking too bad at the moment. Enough work to keep me happy and out of trouble, but at the same time I can tackle it without having too worry too much about deadlines. What a busy lineup for the week ahead! I was hoping to get some reading done or to tackle a movie or two but I guess there is always next time, right?

It’s just gone past sunrise so time for me to hit the road before it gets too light.

Have a great week everyone!